Tuesday, November 13, 2007

3D Blocking technique

This is a technique that I've used in my latest layout titled "I'm 1" in my baby gallery. It's a technique where it will reflects a raised blocking design.

Simply follow the steps below.

1. First cut out a few pieces of crafting foam. In my layout, I've cut out three pieces of green crafting foam and two pieces of blue crafting foam. Then attach all the green foams together. Do the same for the blue foams.
Later, attach the foams to your background card stock. In my layout, I've cut out the areas where the foams lapsed.
2. Cut out your desired pattern papers pieces to cover the foams.

3. Use a bone folder or anything that you can find to enhance the 3D blocks look.

4. Glue the papers down. Then I've inked on the lifted blocks to add some details and dimensions to it.

For the finished look of my layout, you can refer to my baby gallery.


Debbie/StudioBeeCreations said...

This is soooooooo awesome!!! I LOVE your techniques and tips...and I will MOST DEFINETLY beeeeeeeeeeee back!!!You rock!!!...PS...I have added you to my blogger roll favorites...hope thats ok!

Anonymous said...

WOWZA! THAT is SO RAD!!!! GOTTA try this!!!


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