Monday, July 29, 2013

Happy Hiro

Hello everyone! I've been asked recently by some of Hiro's fans on how he is doing. And they would like to see a picture of him. Therefore, I've decided to make today's post an update on Hiro.

Hiro is 4 years old now. Above is a picture taken on him while he is running freely in the garden. Even though he is 4, he is still very cheeky and playful. We will be doing a huge renovation to our home soon and he will have a place to run around indoor. 

Thank you so much to all Hiro fans that care about him! A huge lick from Hiro for you!!

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Lucy said...

I saw this picture and had to check out who this was-what an awesome looking Husky! My daughter has a red/brown Husky named Meeka. She has been a bit of a rambunctious puppy, but now is 3, so she's calming down finally. They are sure opinionated and beautiful dogs!


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