Sunday, February 6, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year from Hiro!

Hiro wishes everyone a Happy Chinese New Year!! This week, we've taken Hiro on a road trip to my in-laws for our reunion dinner. He really loves going to my in-laws because there is a huge grass compound for him to run freely. After the fire crackers blast during the countdown on the eve of Chinese New Year, we've confirmed that he is not afraid of them!! He even barks back at them! In this week shot above, it shows that Hiro is also curious about shadows. He looks so cute when trying to secure the shadows with his paws....LOL!

Check back tomorrow for another detailed tutorial at The Crop Spot!

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Jozebelle said...

He seems so nice and calm, and I can understand why he like it so much at your in-laws, I would love to have that posibilty for our dog Zita. That is pretty calm to after some training with walking nice and sit ang walk and turn around and so on.

I feel pretty tired to after a long dog walk on the forenoon and soon I'll have to pick up Jozzan an her playmate. Dinner at in-laws. After that I have a photo to scrap to one of my daughters recepiealbum.


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