Sunday, June 27, 2010

Thank you everyone!

Thank you very much for all the caring and emails asking about Hiro's situation. Some of you had asked me, "what is cataract?". As I've posted last week, it's a kind of disease that caused a cloudy substances to develop in the eye which will either make one's vision blurry or even blind them. Some humans do develop cataract when they are old but it could be cured with the modern technologies these days. In Hiro's case, it is not advisable for surgeries because his case of cataract is called "inherited cataract". It is not normal for young dogs or pups to develop cataract. They are normally caused by diabetes, accidents or inherited.

You all do not have to worry about him as he is still as cheeky and as active as usual. It does not seem that the defects in his vision has affect him in anyway. However, we do pray that his right eye does not develop full cataract so soon. Thanks again for all the well wishes and caring. Hiro loves you all too and we will make sure that he is well taken care of.


Iris said...

I´m happy, that it isn´t a more serious sickness. The eyes are not the most important sense for a dog, and I think he will loose his sight slowly. Is that right ? So it will be not such a big handicap for him.
He is and will stay a lucky dog - because he is YOURS ! ;-)

a dancing needle said...

I am so glad that he will be ok!! I know what it means to be a husky lover!! He is so lucky to have great owners!!


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