Thursday, December 11, 2014

Yummy Food in Seoul!

Time for me to share pictures of some yummy food which I've eaten while at Seoul!

First up is Samyetang or chicken ginseng soup.

Seafood pancake!

Next up, more seafood!!


Stir fry Dakgalbi, rice and cheese!!

Famous Kyochon fried chicken.

Some street food.

Not forgetting some delicious sweetness!!

One of my absolute favorite fruit in Seoul!

Besides these, I've also eaten tons of other street food such as grilled octopus, BBQ sausages, sweet corn, delicious ice-cream and had tons of amazing snacks from their convenient stores. The best part of this trip is that even after all these yumminess, I did not gain a single pound! Must be the long walks and travelling via metro....LOL!

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