Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Some Pictures of Finished Renovated Space

Recently, I've been swamped with work around the house and preparing for Chinese New Year which is just round the corner. However, I've not forgotten that I've promised so many of you that I will share some pictures of the new extensions or space of my home after the renovation work which last for almost 6 months. Yes, 6 months! I've totally physically and mentally drained due to this.

It is not much right now, but it will slowly turn into an indoor garden space.

This is a feature wall built in that space to add the element of natural stone.

Check out that light fixture. It is custom made using rattan traps used by fisherman for catching fishes. This light fixture would form interesting shadow formation on the ceiling and floor when it is turned on at night.

Outside that space, we've done some simple landscaping to create more greens. One can relax and sit inside to enjoy the greens which is outside. This is suitable for the weather in Malaysia where we have super hot and humid temperature all year long.

This is one of my favorite plant which I've added to this outdoor garden.

Another interesting art feature which we've done to this outdoor garden is having a upward spotlight shining towards a Frangipani tree. With the light shining towards it, it will form a gorgeous silhoutte on the big plain wall which acts as a canvas. This is a young tree and always changes in its shape with leaves and flowers. This way, we will have a different silhoutte image on that canvas from time to time.

I love this new space so much and enjoy relaxing and doing some gardening there. I believed this space will give me tons of inspirations for my projects. 

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Lucy said...

Wow! That looks so peaceful and lovely! It is especially so because we in the U.S. are having record cold temps in the -10 to -30 deg Farenheit range. No green trees for many of us! Lots of white snow! Congrats on getting it completed.

Lisa aka Raining said...

Gorgeous Irene! Enjoy your new space!

dstandard said...

WOW this is just such a fabulous space! I know your creative mind will really make it special!

LISA said...

Wow Irene, I am sure this was worth the wait. I know how you must have felt through construction. It took them 11 months to build our home. But living in it now was worth every day we waited. Your new edition is absolutely gorgeous!!

Cindy Gay said...

Beautiful-thanks for sharing your home with us.

Marianne/skorpionen said...

Wow!! It looks fantastic Irene!! Love the wall and lightning!!

cindy said...

What a peaceful and beautiful space. I love your use of lights.

Diana Joy said...

oh my...wow.. beautiful area; so relaxing and pretty. I love seeing the outdoor plants. thanks.

mommyx2 said...

Beautiful!! I love your "canvas"!! We too have up lights on our bonsai trees but never thought to point towards the house for such an awesome idea!! As always, you inspire me!


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