Thursday, December 8, 2011

Some Pictures on Workshops in Japan!

Did I mentioned here that I'm back from Japan? LOL! Yes, I'm back a week ago but now I'm on a short holiday trip with the family. So, I'm not officially back to norm yet.

Anyway, I've managed to steal sometime to gather some pictures captured by my friends and students who attended my workshops in Japan to share with you all here.

Here are some pictures on my workshops in Osaka.

Thank you so much to all of you who had attended my two workshops in Osaka and I really love and cherish all the sweet gifts from you all! These two amazing workshops would not be a success without the amazing team in the picture below.

A special thanks to Asuka (for creating such an amazing mini album), Tomoko (for helping to organize, coordinate and being such a great friend), Maiko Miwa (for being so sweet and showing me around Kyoto), Maiko Kameda (for taking all the gorgeous photographs), Miyako (for doing my hair for the two workshops!! Yes, it's my first time!!) and Yumi (for my important Starbucks latte).
Above is a picture of some of the amazing gifts which I've received during my workshops in Osaka. The box and bracelet is from Tomoko and the mini album is a combined effort of everyone who attended my workshops! I really enjoyed all the sweets, chocolates and , cookies, cupcakes that the students had given me and will definitely cherished all the ATCs, gifts and cards too!

Now moving on to workshops in Tokyo.

So happy to be able to meet a friend of mine, Maiko Kosugi, on my first workshop in Tokyo.

Thank you Yuko for organizing my workshops in Tokyo and also thank you Atsuko for helping me in translating and everything else for the 3 days. I really appreciate all of you who had attended my workshops in Tokyo and will also cherish all the moments we had fun together!

I really had so much fun teaching in Japan and hope I will be able to return to Japan to teach again soon!

I'll share more pictures taken while I'm in Osaka, Kyoto and Tokyo soon.

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Margie Higuchi said...

That first sentence was exactly for me! LOL!! I was hoping that you would post pictures from Japan! THANK YOU!! It's great to place names and faces to some of these scrappers :) Looking forward to more pics! In the meantime, have a great time with family! xo

EFI said...

Thanks for sharing with us, Irene! Wonderful ladies, beautiful pictures and i am sure that you enjoyed the workshop very much!!!

Yuko.A said...

Wow!!! I am enjoying your workshop in TOKYO!!!!

Yuko.A said...

Thank you very much!!!
I have a wondeful time & enjoy
your workshop in TOKYO.
If you have any pictures in TOKYO
(Tokyo Disney sea,and Tsukiji)
I would like to see that on your blog.


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