Saturday, August 20, 2011

Hiro Is Friendly

This is a shot of Hiro when he is trying to be friendly. Hiro likes to be among people and kids. He will put on his friendly face whenever someone tries to approach him. How could anyone resist this face! He is such a good!

Recently he is being a little pampered. He would expect a treat after he finished his meal!...Isn't that crazy? Most dogs only gets treats when they are in training or obey a certain command. He is so spoilt these days! LOL!

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Carla said...

LOL what a cutie, my dogs get treats all the time...they dont have to to anything to deserve a treat, they just have to smile at me and they know I will give them a can you say spoiled?

cathy said...

My dog is pampered, too. He gets lots of treats and attention.

pooky said...

He is so his friendly face! I would be giving a face like that lots of treats to!

Shona said...

awwwww he is so cute :)

StampDancer said...

He's beautiful! My cats would get treats when they used their scratching post - now they go over, stretch up on it (without scratching) and look at me like - where's the treat? Animals are such a joy!


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